If you have a question that is currently not listed on this FAQ page,
please contact our support to get the fastest response.


When will I receive my code?

The code will be sent instantly to your email after successfully completing the payment process.
If this is your first purchase, we will do a verification process which might take 1 minute to 24 hours.
Your second purchase and beyond will be instant within 1 minute.


How will I receive my code?

Your code will be sent to the email address you provide on the checkout. Your code will be sent to you in the form of either a code or a scanned card.
Along with the order confirmation email, you will also receive another email with the subject: "Your order: #XXXX has been completed". Open the email and click the link of the product to download the card code (scanned image). 
Please double check your spam folder in case the email from our code server is mistakenly labeled.


I did not receive any email!

For Hotmail and AOL users, your email server might experience delay in receiving emails
(google: "Hotmail / AOL email delay" for a reference).
For qq.com and 163.com email users, there have been several cases where qq.com and 163.com email server rejects all emails from us.
We recommend using Gmail for prompt receipt of the code.
Please use alphabet names when ordering. If you use non-alphabetic characters, your order will not likely be recognised by our system.
Please check your junk/spam folder!
9 out of 10 inquiries we receive often end up finding the email containing the code mistakenly labeled as junk.
Finally, if your order is flagged as suspicious by our automated system (one such trigger would be placing the order using a VPN or using a fake information), it will be put under review until one of our staff members manually checks it over.


I paid but my order was cancelled!

Your order can be automatically cancelled when:

  • the item is out of stock
  • you exceed your Purchase Limit
  • the order is flagged as possibly fraudulent
Please be rest assured, however, that you will NOT be charged for the cancelled order.

Every credit card payment process is a two step processes of Authorize and Capture.
When you placed order during checkout, you authorize us to capture the fund and charge your credit card.
However, no fund is being transferred from you to us on this step. We then check the order for stock availability, purchase limit and fraud.
If everything is okay, we will then capture the fund (=charge your credit card) and send the code.
If your order is cancelled, there will be no fund captured nor code sent.


Can I cancel my order and get a full refund?

If your code has not been delivered yet, you may cancel it by contacting support. Otherwise, if your code has been delivered, there is no way to confirm whether a gift code has been redeemed or not without redeeming it due to the nature of the product.
All sales are final, no refund will be issued, no cancel is accepted.
The delivered code is guaranteed to be exactly as described and in working condition, if your code is not in working condition, email sales@keysdeluxe.com within 48 hours of delivery.


Why was my order refunded?

Orders are refunded automatically when flagged as fraudulent. This usually happens if you access our site with a VPN or if you have made multiple accounts with us. If your payment is deemed as potentially fraudulent, we will automatically refund you or we may request for further verification.


What are my payment options?

We accept debit or credit card payments via Paypal (you would need to create a Paypal account).


My payment was rejected even though I typed in the correct information!

We use a suspicious activity protection system that will automatically reject payments if it suspects any potentially fraudulent transactions. In many cases, it is because you are using a VPN to access our store. Please turn off your VPN service before trying to complete an order.


What does Windows OEM mean?

OEM product keys are priced lower than their retail counterparts, but use the same software as retail versions of Windows.Per Microsoft’s EULA regarding OEM, the product key is tied to the PC motherboard which it’s initially installed on, and there is typically no transferring the key between PCs afterwards.


Where can I download Windows 10?